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Innocent Bystander

A few weekends ago, we made the most of the last of the Melbourne autumn sunshine and headed to Healesville. It’s a lovely drive up there (no windy roads, phew!) to wine country of Victoria. But what did we do in the wine country of Victoria? Go winery hopping? Nope. We ate delicious pizza, washed down by some amazing pink moscato.

The Innocent Bystander/Giant Steps is a cafe/bar/bistro that you would miss if you weren’t looking out for it. Not that the building isn’t big, but it just looks unassuming with its timber facade facing a parking lot.

We heard about it through a friend who mentioned that they make great sourdough pizzas. Sourdough…. PIZZAS???!!! We were so there!

But they don’t just make pizzas, they also bake bread, and drool worthy desserts.
I was DESPERATE to have those polish donuts but resisted. Even looking at them now on the screen is torture!

What to get… what to get…. (besides those polish donuts!)

The kitchen:
What we decided on: Anchovy, dill and olives pizza..
Garlic based pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil. Count us in for anything with truffles!

We didn’t get the pomme frites with truffle salt even though we really wanted to because we were having two pizzas already! What we did get was a whiff of their amazing smell as the waitress brought them out to place on the table next to us! Next time, pomme frites… next time…

Nom nom noms!


Full bellies, happy faces :). A lovely lady offered to take this photo for us, (but it is sadly out of focus).

Can we fit a dessert in? Of course! Something sharp though, to cut through all that carboliciousness.

Lemon tart.

Washed down by my favourite colour!

Adventures in Sydney to come! And shock horror – some non food related photos too!

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