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July 2011

  • Food

    Chin Chin

    Late one Friday night, Nina and I were trying to decide on whether to try out breakfast at Cumulus. That idea was nixed as soon as we realised that we’d have…

  • Daily Food

    Naked for Satan

    Um no we haven’t joined a cult or anything. Just been to an excellent tapas place in Fitzroy. We went for lunch just as they were opening so we got a…

  • Daily Food

    Lazy Saturday

    Gym, then a hot steaming bowl of pho at Pho Chu The down Victoria Street. And it just so happens that its the best pho we’ve had outside of Hanoi! Check…

  • Birthdays Daily Food

    We love

    The first time we went to fell in love with Rockpool was in 2007 when I took Kran there for his birthday. He’d been talking about going there for the famed…