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The first time we went to fell in love with Rockpool was in 2007 when I took Kran there for his birthday. He’d been talking about going there for the famed steaks for so long that when we were finally working and could afford to eat there, I knew straight away where I was going to take him for his birthday. That dinner blew us away and we never looked back. Since then we’ve been there for almost all of our birthdays (bar the one birthday of mine Kran took me to Nobu). The year before last on my birthday we went just to have dessert after lunch.

Besides the obvious sentimental reasons why we love the place so much, it also consistently delivers amazing food. The food is very seasonal and produce driven, which means that there’s something new to look forward to every time we visit. The only sad part about this is when something like the black forest trifle I adore is no longer on the menu :(

Whenever we go there, Kran has a different cut of steak and I order a different seafood or fish dish, and we order one or two entrees and a similar number of sides, as well as a dessert to share. It’s hard to force yourself to pick something new every visit when you know that what you had last time was sooooo good!!!

Birthday cupcake!

Thank you TT for my lovely birthday lunch!! ♥

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