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August 2011

  • Food


    Damn we love noodle soups! And the noodles at Kenzan just happen to be our favourite. Kenzan is a little shopfront in Postal Lane next to Myer and David Jones outside…

  • Food

    Cutler & Co

    Every week we procrastinate on the decision of where to go for dinner on the weekend. Whether it’s for that lazy dinner after the gym on Friday, a planned dinner somewhere…

  • Food

    Chez Dre

    If we lived closer to the city, I imagine that we would be at Chez Dre for breakfast a lot. For shiny croissants, baguettes for lunch, eclairs for tea, or maybe…

  • Food

    Japanese Underworld – aka Izakaya Den

    When a bar/restaurant is totally packed by 7pm for dinner, and you still have to wait at least half an hour for a table, it’s really unexpected when you can’t even…

  • Daily

    Kindle schmindle

    Kran bought me a Kindle last Christmas, and since he didn’t want to let on, he kept asking me from November what I wanted for Christmas. Every time he asked, I…