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Every week we procrastinate on the decision of where to go for dinner on the weekend. Whether it’s for that lazy dinner after the gym on Friday, a planned dinner somewhere if we know we’re going to be in a particular area, or specifically heading somewhere because we’ve been wanting to eat there for a while; it generally just doesn’t happen as easily as it looks! There’s many “what do you feel like?”s, “let’s see how we feel on the day”s, and our favourite is “you pick”.

So that’s how we found ourselves without a dinner reservation (damn Melbourne and the fact that you have to either have to book far in advance or wait for a looong time to get a table should the restaurant not take bookings) last Saturday morning, looking at our list of places we want to try and trying to decide which one to go to. I swear, our ‘shortlist’ was five restaurants.

In the end, longevity won. We were going to Cutler & Co! (If we could miraculously get a reservation). I say longevity because it’s been on my want to try list since it opened, literally a few years ago. Which is strange because I didn’t really know much about it other than the fact that they were owned by the same people as Cumulus. I rang at 12pm to make a booking and to my surprise, was told there was a table for two available at 9pm! So before the waitress could ask whether we’d like to book, I yelled loudly over the phone “WE’LL TAKE IT!!”. And so Cutler & Co was on like Donkey Kong!

It’s always fun arriving at the restaurant, just to see what it looks like on the outside and that anticipation of what it’s going to be like.

After hanging out at the bar while waiting for our table to be ready, we were ready to order! Our waiter told us that they had some truffles in and we could add it into the soup or potato puree for an additional $18/5g and $36/10g. It was TEMPTING but we managed to say no. Why did we say no, I’m not sure now.. Truffles! Want! Now!

The thing about ordering at 9:30pm is you just don’t really care what you’re ordering. You just want FOOD!
Oysters, yup two of each kind.

Kingfish sashimi somethin somethin, bring it on.

Jerusalem artichoke soup with stuff, perfect!

Barramundi with leek, bring me one of those.

The only thing we deliberated on was Kran’s main – he decided to try the lamb with tongue and crumbed sweetbread. He said the tongue was the best thing on the plate (as long as he didn’t look at it)- and the sweetbreads tasted like chicken nuggets haha.

Vanilla parfait sandwiched in chocolate cookies with salted caramel. That’s about the only thing on the menu I really remembered the components of.. oops! Call it dessert brain.

For the record, the sashimi was seriously incredible. So was the soup. The entrees were definitely the highlight of the meal. And ahem, the dessert was tres good too!

So now you have an insight into the method to our madness of choosing places to eat at – it seriously takes us way longer than it should!

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