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Of Invitations and Trams

We’ve been busy over the last month or so with wedding planning. Endless to-do lists and timelines and things to tick off. There was a gap of a few months where we couldn’t do much but now it’s all hit us like a hurricane and we’re usually doing at least one wedding related thing each week. It’s only a little bit over 3 months to go!!!!! I’m excited for it and I just want it to be here already!

We’re designing our own invitations, and lately we’ve been finding ourselves trekking all over the city checking out different printers and paper. The process has involved unimaginable satisfaction highs of designing something you love, and the frustrating, hair-tearing lows when something doesn’t work out. More on that in another post (maybe). One of the areas we’ve been frequenting for invitations is South Melbourne/Albert Park. It’s such a chilled out, relaxed area. It’s like everyone around there is on permanent holiday mode. I guess that’s another bonus of living near the bay. We’ve previously blogged about St Ali in the area for breakfast or brunch, and were recently introduced to Mart 130 by our friends L and HR who live in the area.

As you can see, Mart was a weatherboard tram stop which was converted into a cafe. It’s actually a functioning tram stop still, and if you look at the letters closely Mart is “tram” backwards :). Very cute!

We caught up with L & HR to gab over a feed two Saturdays ago, and felt inclined to head there again last weekend since we were in the area. We declined a communal table and managed to nab the cozy alcove at the outside corner after waiting for a bit longer. (In the picture below it was curtained off since it was drizzling that day). You’ll just have to take our word for it that when it’s not raining the alcove is lovely, open and cushion filled.

The breakfast menu which we tried previously is fantastic, and so are the salads.

Kran had the lamb and quinoa salad with a mango lassi.

I had the cold seared tuna and soba salad (with beanshoots which I definitely picked out. Beanshoots taste like dirty water – yuck!)

We hung out there long after our lunches were finished.

What a cool little cafe. Definitely a repeat on our brunch list, and will be absolutely amazing in summer.

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