Like addicts, we rushed to Pellegrini’s to make it for the last food call before closing time for a late night pasta hit before bed. Because everyone needs that last carbo load right before bed after a night out.

As soon as we walked in it felt like we were at a friend’s place. It’s probably partly because the staff were also winding down and having a few laughs with the rest of the carbo loading stragglers.

Most of the seating is at the bar on stools or facing the mirrored wall on the opposite side of the bar. The menu is listed on the wooden board hung over the cakes and dessert display.

A spaghetti napoletana was exactly what we needed. Except I poured in wayyyyy too much chilli flakes which made it nearly inedible to me but fine for Kran. I made up for that by also drowning the pasta in parmesan. My favourite way to eat spaghetti!!

About five minutes after digging into our pasta two latecomers were told the kitchen was closed and they looked so disappointed. We must’ve JUST made it in time.

Definitely one of the best quick eat places open late at night, especially if you’re looking for that pasta hit that won’t leave you sick at 4am!

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