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Red Wok – secrets of South Yarra

If you like Malaysian style Chinese food, do yourself a favour and get thyself to Red Wok in South Yarra. It’s a little hidden gem next to the little crepe shop on Toorak Rd (near Chapel St) which we were introduced to by our friends L and HR (of Mart fame) and have been frequent visitors ever since.

Our favourite dish there is wasabi prawns (well it’s my favourite dish and Kran likes it too so we’ll just assume that we both think it’s our favourite hehehe) which is battered prawns drizzled with a tangy mix of wasabi and japanese mayonnaise. Soooo good. No photos this time because it was deep fried :( perhaps next time.

They also do crabs, and lots of other dishes (pages and pages worth on the menu).

It’s worth booking ahead since it’s quite a small restaurant and it’s always full on the weekends.

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