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Upholding birthday traditions

As tradition (and our tummies) dictate, we try to go to Rockpool to celebrate our birthdays. There’s nothing like stepping in and smelling all the grilling meat and food straight from the open kitchen. When I called to confirm the booking for Kran’s birthday the lady was surprised to see on their computer that I’d booked all the way back in July!

Kran usually orders a steak and I will order whatever seafood looks yummy on the menu. This time I went for a big juicy steak too.

… was I missing out on this for five years?!?!?!?!!!!! It was…. indescribable. You’ll just have to go and order one yourself! We ordered different cuts of meat (rib-eye for Kran and a fillet for me)and shared it and you could really tell the difference it was amazing.

Our sides were potato puree (not as unassuming as it sounds!) and onion rings. Both were simple and went so well with the steaks.

We struggled after mains so skipped dessert apart from the birthday cupcake they brought out. Kran’s flavour was red velvet with a marshmallow cream icing topped with dehydrated strawberry slivers and crushed meringue pieces. I was so intensely full after the steak I could only manage one small teaspoon of cake.

This year we also stayed at Crown Metropol where we had coffee, pre-dinner drinks with tapas and breakfast at their Level 28 club lounge. It was divine! The breakfast spread was really good, they even had bircher muesli in martini glasses; and an ala carte selection which included silky smoked salmon with avocado on brioche toast MMM!

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