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Banoffee Pie

Do you have some ripe bananas you don’t know what to do with?

Do you like condensed milk?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you need some Banoffee Pie in your life.

What is it, you ask? Only the most delicious banana pie that ever be made. It starts off with a layer of biscuit crust then a good scoop of dulce de leche, slices of ripe bananas and finally slathered with whipped cream.

I first heard of Dulce de Leche at my favourite Camberwell ice cream store – Lick Me (which we call ‘Now Scooping’ because of the neon sign at the front, but that’s another story!). It’s described as a premium Spanish caramel and is such an intriguing flavour that it continues to be my favourite ice cream flavour there. I wanted to know more; where could I get more of this Spanish caramel?!

It turns out that you can make it right at home. Say whaaaat?

Yup. It only involves boiling unopened cans of condensed milk in a pan on your stove, with a big caution warning on the recipe: THE CAN MIGHT JUST EXPLODE and cover your whole kitchen in gooey caramel. Hmmmm. Not exactly reassuring. So when I saw David Lebovitz’s (of The Perfect Scoop) recipe for dulce de leche that didn’t involve possibly covering our apartment in hot sugary milk, I was excited. Really excited. And it works! His recipe involves pouring the condensed milk into a baking dish and baking it in a water bath. His recipe can be found here.

Dulce de leche – check.

The rest of the pie was adapted from here. You can see the tin boiling method on that site also, but obvs I used the David Lebovitz recipe as above. I think the amount of cream listed in the recipe might be a typo because I halved the recipe and used 250ml of cream (twice the amount called for in the recipe). So I guess use an amount of cream to your taste.

Now, enough talking. More nomming.

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