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We Dream of Sushi

After watching the amazing documentary about Michelin starred sushi chef Jiro Ono titled Jiro Loves Sushi, we went on a mission to find sushi in Toronto. Not just any sushi, sushi like Jiro would make. Which in hindsight was pretty unlikely.

After much researching, we read good things about Yuzu, (which Kran remembered we had also passed on one of our neighbourhood walks), so I phoned ahead and made a reservation for our weekly dinner out.

By the time Friday rolled around we were DYING for sushi. Absolutely chomping at the bit for some raw fish atop some sticky and sweet rice.

Yuzu delivered alright! We had panko crumbed oysters to start, followed by two deluxe sushi platters. The fish was so fresh and delicious. To top it off the platters also included prawns and scallops.

Now, while the sushi was probably not in the same league as Jiro’s sushi (not that we’d know), it was still some of the best sushi we’ve eaten and we left with our sushi cravings sated. For now at least.

Yuzu Sushi and Sake Bar on Urbanspoon

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