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Bixi Biking

Sprinkled around downtown Toronto there are Bixi bike rental stands where you can hire out a bike and return it to any of the other Bixi stands. This is the same bike hire ‘brand’ that’s also in Melbourne. The difference is that people actually use them here!

So we’d been planning for a few weeks to take a couple of bikes out on the next sunny weekend and today was the day!

It took a while for me to find my bike legs back especially while biking with cars, but it was so much fun. We rode all the way to the waterfront and biked along the shore right to Harbour Front. They were filming an Oprah Winfrey show (like a spinoff show or something like that) on the shore when we sat down on a bench to have some Pepsi. We also made a pit stop for pineapple gelati and had a murtabak lunch at the circus festival. I now have a funny sunglasses tan on my face :)

We took our new Holga film camera out to play too, can’t wait to see the photos!

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