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When I was little my mum taught my brother and I how to knit. It was fun, and I would use her grey knitting needles to spend (what felt like) hours knitting a ‘scarf’ for my teddy bear.

I’ve since picked up and put down knitting along the way, never really learning it but never losing any of my fascination with crafting with yarn. Then I found out about crochet, and I was hooked. I would collect patterns and swoon over yarn and FINALLY decided to try and teach myself how to crochet. It’s definitely a work in progress; there are fun triumphant moments where I’ll figure out how to do something right after several failed attempts, and then there are the frustrating moments where I’ll throw the hook across the couch with a half scream half cry and unravel the whole swatch because it’s just not working. I’m committed to it though, which is half the challenge.

Here is a sneak peek of some beautiful pink merino wool for something special for a special little someone.

For anyone looking to try to teach yourself, below are some resources that I’ve found super helpful.

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