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New York: Around The Rock

Where do you eat when you’re in New York? Street trucks!! The first street truck we hit was Red Hook Lobster for some divine lobster and shrimp rolls! We had the Connecticut style lobster rolls which were delightfully warm and soaked in butter, just the way I like it! The shrimp roll was Maine style which was served cold tossed through with mayo. They were both delicious, and we sat down in the freezing wind to inhale them.

After lunch we hit up Magnolia Bakery, home to the holy grail of cupcakes. When we walked past in the morning there was no one in the store but after lunch the line for cupcakes was right to the door. So we waited, and I oohed and aaahhed at the cupcake display. Isn’t the pink vanilla one super cute?! Love! We had the red velvet cupcake and the lemon curd cupcake, as it was Lemon month at Magnolia. They were insanely delicious.

The frosting was beautifully creamy and not too sweet, and the cupcakes were light and fluffy. Clearly they’re doing something right, as evidenced by this photo of Kran eating and enjoying the cupcakes!

Hanging out around 30 Rockerfeller was fun, and we got to spot some of the places where they film the tv show 30 Rock!

And then we headed up to the Top of The Rock, which is literally the top of the building where you get a great view of the city.

We finished off the day with some hot dogs from Gray’s Papaya. Yayerrr.

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