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Montreal Part IV: Bagels

Did you know that there are two schools of bagel thought in North America? There is the New York bagel, and the Montreal bagel. They’re both fantastic but definitely different! The New York bagel is dense and very very chewy, whilst the Montreal bagel is a happy medium between dense and bready. The Montreal bagels are also thinner and crispier.

While checking out bagel places to go to in Montreal, the St Viateur bagel kept coming up in searches, so off we went to traipse down to The Plateau to try these bagels.

The St Viateur outlet we went to was a homely cafe with a few families having lunch when we arrived. The menu is extensive, and you get to choose the type of bagel you want (poppy seed, sesame seed, cinnamon etc.) and it comes with a side of soup or salad. Kran had the smoked meat bagel with minestrone soup and I had the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with green salad. The bagels were overflowing with the delicious fillings that just went perfectly with the bagels.

After trying both the New York and Montreal styles of bagels, we like both but prefer the Montreal bagel’s texture. Give us either bagel any day though!

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