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Montreal Part II: Montreal Smoked Meat

Smoked. Meat. Schwartz’s had Kran at ‘meat’, and then ‘smoked’. Having first come across Montreal smoked meat at the supermarket deli, we were intrigued as to what this mystery meat was. Turns out that it’s Montreal’s answer to New York deli pastrami, made of deliciously brined and smoked beef brisket.

We clearly underestimated the popularity of the place as we decided to go there for a casual, relaxing lunch after our long train ride, only to find a line out the door and a waiter ushering 2 or 3 people in every 15 minutes. At first we were almost hungry enough to say “Stuff this!” but within fifty meters of the place, the aroma hits you and you know theres no going back.

We didn’t end up having to wait too long, and were soon ushered in to the packed diner that looks much like a dated cafeteria with long shared tables. We got sat elbow to elbow next to a lovely couple from San Fransisco and four other people next to them. The menu is on two boards, and comprises of condiments, sides and their famous sandwiches and platters.

Voila! The sandwich that people from all over flock here for. The meat comes sliced and piled in between two pieces of bread slathered with American mustard. It definitely lives up to the hype.

And here are the fries I ordered. I asked the waiter for “chips” and the waiter had a chuckle to himself and said “fries?”.

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