Bay of Plenty Mount Maunganui New Zealand

Training To Cross Mount Doom(ish)

We’re off to do the Tongariro Crossing in a few weeks, which is a 19km hike up and across Mount Tongariro (right next to Mount Doom from Lord of the Rings). It will be the longest hike we’ve ever done, and the first of New Zealand’s Great Walks we’re planning to do. A few people I’ve spoken to have suggested training by going up The Mount a few times before we head off, so last night after work and a quick dinner we headed to The Mount.

Being summer it was still light even though it was 7:30pm, and it was actually busy but nowhere near as busy as it would be in the daytime.

The Mount Sun setting

We actually made it all the way up without stopping and managed to catch the spectacular sunset from the summit. My “Dripping Sweat But I Made It Woohoo” face:
The Mount made it

The Mount sunset view

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