Food Kaikoura New Zealand South Island Take Away

Crayfish in Kaikoura

Kaikoura got its name as “eat crayfish”, which is exactly what we went there to do. It’s a town that’s infested with crays, and we went to Nin’s Bin which is a caravan parked next to the beach where they have freshly caught crays that have been cooked that day, with their prices on the tails. They can also cook it for you in garlic butter for an extra $8, which we did. We split a crayfish and sat on one of the beach benches outside to eat our lunch. It was bliss.

Kaikoura 8 sign on road

Kaikoura 9 nins bin outside

Kaikoura 1 crays

Kaikoura 3 menu

Kaikoura 2 cray cut

Kaikoura 3 cray plate

Kaikoura 5 nina bench

Kaikoura 6 cray flesh

Kaikoura 7 cray close up eating

Kaikoura 10 people playing

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