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I was really excited to go to Auckland, just to be in a ‘city’ again. I think especially since the season has ticked over to Autumn and no longer nice beachy weather, I’m craving having nice coffees and window shopping in the city, which is something definitely missing in Tauranga. Well, I’ve found one good coffee about a 15 minute drive away from us. (Kran likes a lot more of the coffees around here than me; I guess Kiwis just love their coffee hotter and stronger than my Melbourne coffee snob taste buds are used to.)

On the Saturday we had a late lunch at Al’s Deli which seemed to be a Montreal style diner. Kran had the pastrami sandwich and I had a cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel. They absolutely smothered the bagel in cream cheese! Both were winners.

Auckland 001 Als Deli

Auckland 003 Als Deli Salmon

Anyway, we stayed in the city with no plans except one dinner and a show booked on the Sunday night. We’d been really looking forward to going back to Depot restaurant on Federal Street, and since they don’t do bookings we decided to head there for dinner on Saturday night since we had no plans. We knew there would be a wait to get a table, and we were told it would be a 2 hour wait. Usually we don’t do the waiting game, but… it was Depot, and like Cumulus in Melbourne, you go and you expect to wait, because you know it will be frickin amazing. So we had a few drinks at the Spanish bar Belloto opposite Depot before getting The Call that our table was ready.

Auckland 004 Sky Tower

Auckland 005 Belloto Kran

Auckland 006 Depot outside

The food philosophy at Depot is cooking at a bach. We expected the food to be amazing and oh they delivered alright.

We started off with freshly shucked clams (diamond clams and Tua Tua clams) (ummm yummm!)
Auckland 007 Depot Clams

Then cumin battered warahou tortillas w/ slaw, tomatillo sauce & coriander (that sauce is the nom bomb!)
Auckland 008 Tacos

Fergus’ bone marrow with parsley salad and toast (funny cos we’ve just been watching Fergus on April Bloomfield’s Mind of a Chef segments!)
Auckland 009 Marrow

Hapuka belly with eggplant kasundi and lime. The fish was beautifully grilled and the eggplant kasundi sweet and sour once you hit it with the lime. With a side of potato skins w/ ‘Kingsmeade’ manchego & porcini salt.
Auckland 012 Hapuka Kasundi

Auckland 010 Potato skins

Auckland 011 Potato and Hapuka

And finally, because I’d been insisting on eating a pie there all week, we finished off the night with a slice of the infamous Sugar Pie. It was oh so slightly burnt and eggy like crème caramel (in a good way), and the crust was the perfect not too hard, slightly soft consistency which I loved. I loved everything about it!!!
Auckland 013 Depot sugar pie

We were definitely happy campers that night! Depot is one of our favourite restaurants ever, and we would use any excuse to go again!

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