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Laughs, Sushi and Gelato

Auckland 030 Lift selfie

The show that we’d booked to see was Stephen K Amos at the Skycity Theatre, we’ve been meaning to see him for literally YEARS at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and never ended up going, so thought it would be a good chance to see him while he was in NZ. He was absolutely hilarious, we’ll definitely see him again!

Auckland 031 Stephen K Amos

Then to Masu for an umeshu and nigari fix. Everything was ca-razy good! All the restaurants we’ve been to along that Federal Street strip have been unbelievably amazing, we would rate them like we would Cumulus or Rockpool in Melbourne.

We had nigari of: semi-fatty tuna (the fatty tuna was out!!! Boo!), salmon, scampi (so sweet, sahh good).
Auckland 032 Masu nigiri

Auckland 034 Tuna Semi Fatty

Auckland 035 Salmon

Auckland 033 Scampi

Then steamed clams, chicken yakitori, and grilled tofu.
Auckland 036 Clams

Auckland 037 Chicken Yakitori

Auckland 038 Tofu

To get our nigari fill we ordered some more! This time salmon, tuna and squid.
Auckland 039 Nigiri 2

The perfect end to our night was the dessert surprise Kran took me on, to Giapo, which was a gelato shop on the way home. We’d passed it a few times during our stay and I didn’t say anything because we all know that I am always up for ice cream at any time and no words need to be spoken. So when Kran mentioned we were going to Giapo for dessert I was so excited! We waited in line at the tiny shop and you can’t even see the flavours, the day’s flavours are listed on the wall.
Auckland 040 Giapo outside
Auckland 041 Giapo deluxe cones

You can ask for a taste, which we did, and I got the Giapo Buono (salted caramel), and Kran got the chocolate evolution (dark chocolate). We were wondering why everyone had all these cool looking toppings on their cones/cups since they weren’t on the menu, and then found out that each flavour comes with its own special topping!

My salted caramel gelato came with a crushed hazelnut praline and amaretti biscuit crumb, with blow torched Italian meringue and gold dusted hazelnuts. Kran’s had freeze dried raspberries and a chocolate crescent moon.

Auckland 043 Giapo both

Auckland 042 Giapo chocolate

It was ridiculously good, even Kran liked his ice cream and he doesn’t say that very often!

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