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Ponsonby and Orphan’s Kitchen

After hitting the gym in the morning, we donned our walking shoes and despite the crappy spitty/rainy weather, we walked to Ponsonby to check out the shops and to eat at Orphan’s Kitchen.

I had the best coffee I’ve had in a looong time at Besties café down a cute arcade we found on the way.

Auckland 018 Besties arcade

Auckland 015 Besties kran

Auckland 016 Besties coffee

Auckland 017 Besties selfie

Surprisingly, there was no wait to get a table at Orphan’s Kitchen so we were seated and eating pretty quickly.

Auckland 019 Orphans Kitchen

Usually we try to get two different dishes but we were both eyeing off the slow cooked egg with anchovy on spelt toast, so we got two of those. It was so good, why hasn’t anyone else thought of it! So simple yet so good, butter, bread, eggs and an anchovy on each egg.

Auckland 023 Orphans Kitchen Eggs Anchovies

Auckland 024 Eggs anchovies

Oh and we also got a crumpet with brown butter and honey to share.
Auckland 025 Orphans kitchen crumpets

Awesome breakfast downed, we wandered around the city stumbling upon a food truck hall, and cool little shops, and got rained on until it got too wet for us to walk then we Uber’d to High St to do more window shopping.

Auckland 027 Laneway nina

Auckland 028 Mr Toms

Oh and we hit up Al’s Deli again for a late lunch before our dinner!
Auckland 029 Als Deli

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