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A Super Rugby Game

A few weeks ago I won some tickets to watch the super rugby. The company I work for has season tickets to see the Chiefs play at the home ground in Hamilton and they raffle out the tickets each game. I managed to win a double pass, and we found out on the Thursday that we’d won to watch the game the next day on Friday. We drove the 2 hours there and made it just in time to grab some “carnival food” from the food trucks as Kran calls it which always lols me (and think of them as the opposite of those cool gourmet food trucks); watch the Haka and (dare I say it….) kick off (??!!).



As with most sports, I totally didn’t know the rules and Kran kept updating me on what was happening (eg: “that’s a scrum”).



It was a fun atmosphere, there were heaps of people who turned out to watch, and even though I didn’t known what was happening half the time, it was a really fun experience. We debated staying the night in Hamilton but since there was not much to see in Hamilton and it was bloody expensive for one night, we decided to drive back and were home by 11:30!

I shall also share an excerpt of a conversation we had after talking about how Melbourne has a team in the super rugby tournament:

Kran: So which team will you go for? The Waikato Chiefs or Melbourne Rebels?

Nina: Ummmm… I guess cos we’re in New Zealand I’ll go for the Chiefs.

Kran: That was a trick question! You’re supposed to go for the Rebels!

Nina: Oh. Ok then.

That is how I roll. Feel free to buy my loyalty with a tub of ice cream, I’m easy like that.

Rugby selfie

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