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With our little carry-on suitcases, into the night we flew to Wellington on a Friday. We’d expected there to be turbulence on the way in like the last couple of times we flew through, but it was totally fine and our seabands were totally unnecessary.

I was excited to find that Wellington had Uber, so we Uber’d to our hotel right in the CBD. Our flight had been delayed due to crap weather so we didn’t even have time to have a shower and just got changed before heading out to dinner at Logan Brown on Cuba Street (another blog post to come). After that we went walkabouts to The Library bar where we had a nightcap before heading back to the hotel.
Wellington The Library

The next day we woke up early and walked in the chill morning air to find ourselves some coffee.
Wellington 01 Morning street

Wellington 02 morning street

We found our way to Flight Coffee Hangar for a coffee and savoury muffin (another thing the Kiwis do so well!) before ducking into an Uber to go to the Weta Workshop for a tour.
Wellington 03 cab ride

I wasn’t sure whether to book or not since we didn’t know what time we would get there, but when I called them on Thursday they said they only had a few spots left and highly recommended booking. After we checked in at the Workshop they also said that all the tours were sold out and we were lucky to get a tour through the workshop after taking some photos with trolls…
Wellington 05 weta cave

Wellington 04 weta troll

Had an interesting tour around the workshop, and enjoyed it immensely despite the little bratty kids also on our tour running around and wanting to touch everything. After that we Ubered back to Cuba Street to have breakfast at Fidel’s which sounds like it’s a bit of an institution around W-town. We both had the bubble and squeak which was potato and cabbages with a fried egg on top.
Wellington 06 fidels

Wellington 07 fidels egg

With no plans in the afternoon we walked around Cuba Street and down the Wharf towards the Te Papa museum.
Wellington 10 WHB

Wellington 11 Kran wharf

Wellington 12 crab shack

Wellington 13 sheds

Wellington 09 harbour view

Wellington 14 red boat

At Te Papa, we checked out the Gallipolli exhibition which featured bigatures by Weta Workshop. They were amazing and so lifelike!
Wellington 15 te papa

Wellington 16 gallipolli

We cruised around town stopping at a couple of pit stops along the way for waffles, bratwurst and people watching along the harbour.
Wellington 17 waffles

Wellington 08 kran street

Wellington 18 nina wharf

Wellington 19 statue

Wellington 20 harbour

Dinner was at the new Whitebait restaurant on the Wharf. We love walking around new cities when we can, so enjoyed the lights and buzz as we cut through the cold air.
Wellington green lights

Wellington under harbour green lights

We got to the restaurant strip early and there were all these people dressed up in lights and costumes. Even after asking a few people I didn’t find out what the event was for! So we just hung around to watch the parade with some drinks in hand. It was cold but the randomness kept us entertained while we watched them drift past us until a parade with drums actually started.
Wellington Light parade

The “Bride”:
Wellington The Bride

Whitebait was super yum! Details in another blog post to come!

On Sunday morning we had breakfast Loretta’s (Kran’s muesli with poached tamarillo was yum, but my ‘cereal’ with dried gooseberries was meh).
Wellington 21 lorettas

Wellington Kran pyramid

Then checked out the City Market at the harbour side. It was such a cool and funky little market with sooo many food options.
Wellington 22 nina market

Wellington 23 market

I had a dumplings craving so we tackled a couple, and also some Sichuan style mian noodles which were unbelievably good. Think I feel a weekend of cooking Sichuan food coming on!
Wellington 24 dumplings

We had our last coffee, packed up our things and headed off to the airport where I took a selfie with Smaug #asyoudo.
Wellington Smaug selfie

Such a fun little side weekend trip! Thank you husband!!!

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