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Hot Smoked Slammin’ Salmon

Sorry about the title, I enjoyed the alliteration too much to change it.

So. To smoked salmon.

When you say “smoked salmon” to a Kiwi, they generally assume you’re talking about hot smoked salmon. The cold smoked salmon that we Aussies are used to, is less common and usually eaten as Gravlax.

Hot smoked salmon is a revelation of a dish. It’s usually dry cured with salt and sugar, sometimes overnight, and then smoked over manuka woodchips. The salmon becomes a beautifully smoky, fall-apart-in-your-mouth delightful, silky thing of beauty with a hint of sweetness.

Here’s our first attempt on our little trusty Weber.

Just chucked on the barbie:

After a little smokin’:

The final product:

We eat it tarator style with a yogurt-tahini dressing, topped with roasted walnuts, chillis, sumac and coriander. You can also have it on bagels, or really any way you want it!

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