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Pip & Simon Visit

We had a really fun weekend having a couple of friends over for the weekend in between their campervan tour around the North Island. It had rained for three days straight before they arrived which threw off our plans of sunshine and beaches, but thank goodness the terrible weather forecast for Tauranga was once again wrong, and the clouds parted and the sun appeared miraculously on Sunday. It was hot humid but we sweated up The Mount, ate oysters on the banks of the Wairoa River, had a cheeky ice cream at Mossops Honey, had a dip in our beach (it was the warmest the water has been EVER) and lazed around snacking before we went back home to throw some burgers on the Weber and drink blueberry and vanilla margaritas.

On a side note, they’ve totally inspired us to try our hand at travelling via caravan.

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