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South Island in Winter Day 4: A Drive To Wanaka

Yesterday was filled with warnings of the storm that was due to hit today. All over the radio, tv and everyone was talking about it. It sounded like the apocalypse was coming, and felt like Cyclone Debbie all over again. All the locals were preparing for bunkering down when the storm hit. Knowing that the forecast was 50/50 and there was a history of overcompensating for forecasts (hello Cyclone Debbie), we weren’t too worried but did plan to leg it from Lake Pukaki in the morning to make it to Wanaka before the storm.

But first – a red sunrise from Lakestone Lodge.

Before we hit the road.

There was a chill in the air – a feeling that it was about to snow. It started to get cloudier and cloudier.

And then it happened. The snow came which was our “oh crap” moment as we climbed across a range.

But the snow thinned out quickly and we made it without event in Wanaka! Yay!

After checking in we walked around Wanaka town in the rain, then plopped ourselves down at Federal Diner for some honey, lemon, ginger tea and a chocolate brownie.

For dinner we (I) braved the cold and ate at the food truck square. We had woodfired pizzas from Francesca’s. We debated buying a thermos from the soup place and filling it with tea for our hike tomorrow but decided against it. We would come to regret this decision, but that’s a story for tomorrow.

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