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Japan Day 2: Asakusa and Giant Tempura Prawns at Tendon Tenya

Together with our Suica passes, we decided to get 72 hour Tokyo Metro tickets which was way better value than having to constantly top up our Suica passes. But the tickets are only valid on the Metro lines, so we had to pick train stations that were on the Metro lines which sometimes were a bit more out of the way, or we just chose to tap on/off with our Suicas instead for that one journey.

Starting the morning with another Bluebottle coffee.

Before heading to Asakusa, for a taste of old world Japan. It was super touristy and I managed to get Kran into The Most Touristy Photo Ever hehe.

We managed to head away from the crowds after doing the “must sees” to scarf some local street snacks like rice crackers and dango (a chewy dumpling made out of rice flour, grilled and coated with a sweet soy based syrup).

We had lunch at the AMAZING Tempura Tendon Tenya where we had their special dish – 3 giant tempura prawns coated with a soy sauce on sushi rice. Oh my lord, I could have that dish every day forever!!

Dessert? Of course! A strawberry mochi and matcha soft serve.

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