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Japan Day 2: Cat Street, Shibuya and Shin Udon

Exploring all the tres cool shops on Cat Street and Shibuya and of course people watching!

But first… coffee!!

We stopped by a shop called Oriental Bazaar Souvenir shop which had lots of cute little knick knacks; and a disappointing small Uniqlo in Shibuya. We crossed the Shibuya crossing twice for the novelty of it all.

For dinner we went to Shin Udon which was absolutely amazing. The queue snaked across the road, and as we got closer while we waited we could watch them making and cooking the noodles.

Kran had beef noodles with his staple beer. I don’t think he drank any water while we were in Japan, instead hydrating with the very refreshing Japanese biru, which I must say is the best beer we’ve ever had.

My udon came with prawns, natch!

I’d stashed this chocolate gateaux from 7-11 in our backpack all day and we noshed on it when we got home. It was light and rich at the same time. The Japanese know how to do good food, and they do it ALL THE TIME with EVERYTHING.

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