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Japan Day 3: A Hidden Bar @ Ben Fiddich

It took us a while to find this hidden bar in the streets of Tokyo. Try to spot the sign when you finally make your way there… (hint – it’s on Level 9).

Up an old elevator and through the metal door that has no signage….

The star bartender himself – Hiroyasu Kayama. And the bar that seats 6 people with an additional maybe 6 seats behind it in little nooks.

A few (ok many many) drinks down…

We were sold on this coffee whiskey, an alternative to my usual espresso martini request. Come over to our place and we’ll pour you a glass.

Served in this gorgeous little silver cup and placemat.

What’s a night of drinks if it’s not finished off with fried chicken in the red light district!

And capped off with a juicy fresh fried chicken from Lawson’s!

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