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Japan Day 3: Tsukiji Market

One thing we definitely wanted to do while in Tokyo was visit the (original) Tsukiji Market. It’s since moved to a new location, and we’re really happy we got to see it in its original glory. We didn’t queue up to do the tuna auctions but had fun wandering around filling our bellies with delicious goodies nevertheless.

Before we got there we of course got a coffee, this time at Turret Coffee which was near the market. Highly recommend their delicious coffee!

First up, tamago (silky egg roll).

Then Matsuzaka Beef Menchi Katsu: a crumbed mince and onion ball.

Delicious and underrated uni (sea urchin) bun. The softest bamboo charcoal bun nestling an uni cream sauce with delicate uni in the middle. It was freaking amazing.

Then o-toro, the fattiest of fatty tuna bellies to go into our own bellies. Different cuts of o-toro served simply on sushi rice. Eaten standing up on a communal plastic table next to the tuna stall.

Fresh scallops grilled and finished with butter in its shell.

Crab. Legs. On. A Stick. Holy moly.

White strawberries.

Warabimochi, a different type of mochi which was more jelly-like and finished with a sweet soybean powder. Equally fantastic, in a different way. Lots of flavours to choose from!!

The face of happy bellies!

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