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Japan Day 4: Fuunji Ramen aka crack ramen

Ohhhhh Fuunji Ramen, you were our favourite ramen of our entire Japan travels. You trumped all the foods we ate including all the toros and all the fried chickens. You are what our Japan travel fantasies are made of.

We decided to have lunch here on a wet day, and because of that, miracle of miracles the line was a short twenty minute wait. It was full of salary men having their lunch, and some tourists like us.

Like a lot of other ramen places, we ordered our food at a vending machine and then we gave our ticket to the kitchen staff to prepare as we waited in line.

One by one everyone was seated, and The Chef himself kindly seated us together at the bar because he knew we were there together.

We ordered the famous tsukemen (dipping ramen), rather than the ramen broth. It came with a side of the dipping soup which was topped with bonito powder and a nori sheet. The noodles were beautifully springy and al dente. You grab some of the noodles and dip it into the soup before slurping it. Kran ordered an extra egg in his soup too.

It was ridiculously good that words can’t do it justice. It was umami on umami on umami. So many umami layers in all the ingredients. We ate in silence, never wanting the meal to end.

If we go back to Tokyo one day, this will be our first stop!

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